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Homes & Rental Property
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Below is a list of misconceptions and examples of misinformation taxpayers may encounter during the upcoming tax season.
Tax Legislation & Updates
Here is a list of some of the taxpayers who will generally benefit from the new tax law.
Tax Legislation & Updates
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Many taxpayers will be surprised that they owe more than usual this year. In addition, many more people will likely owe extra money as a result of inadequate withholding because the new withholding tables were not accurate.
Tax Legislation & Updates
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TCJA (The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act). Not since the Tax Reform Act of 1986,  has there been a more sweeping reform of the tax code. At least six new schedules have been added to Form 1040 to accommodate the information that was left on the cutting room floor when the form was reduced in size.
Tax Legislation & Updates
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Before the TCJA, alimony payments were deductible, and the recipient was required to report the payments as taxable income. Divorces finalized after January 1st of 2019 no longer required the spouse receiving alimony to report the income, and in turn, did away with the deduction for the payer.  
1095-A Form
The Tax Cuts and Job Act presents many substantial changes to filing requirements; however, the reporting of healthcare coverage remains consistent. For 2017 and 2018, taxpayers must continue to report their coverage and determine if they qualify for an exemption − or like me, are required to make a shared responsibility payment.
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